Configuring ChessPad to use Stockfish for analysis

These instructions will configure ChessPad to use Stockfish (or any other UCI type engine).

  1. Download and install ChessPad    (
  2. Download Stockfish
  3. Unzip stockfish into the root of your harddrive
  4. Open ChessPad
  5. Click on “Database”
  6. Select “Preferences”
  7. Click on “Engine”
  8. Click “Add” button
  9. Type “Stockfish” into Name: field
  10. Select “UCI” from Type: dropdown menu
  11. Browse to stockfish folder on your harddrive
  12. Select “stockfish_x_x64.exe” where x equals the version
  13. Click “OK” button
  14. Highlight “stockfish” under available engines
  15. Click “>” button to move engine to used engines
  16. Click “OK” button
  17. Click “A” button at the bottom of ChessPad screen to start analysis engine